Web Site Design Plans

Brochure Style Websites
A Simple web site design consisting of around 5 pages. The site will built quite user friendly, and will usually having an 'About' page, and a 'Contact' page. These site are generally for advertisement purposes and are design to create a responsive action in your veiwer to call or e-mail you. These site generally run about $125.00 a page, thereabout.

Other web Services
� Adding pages
� Editing content
� Changing pictures
� Changing navigation items
� Security updates
� Plug-in updates
And more ...
Interactive Web Site Designs
If you have need for an interactive web site that, for instance, communicates to a database, relaying information to the end user on your site, we can create and incorporate the back end database to store and manage you dtat accessing it via php code, or through the Microsoft Asp/net framework using Microsoft visual studio, or other avenues which may be required. We can custom code just about anything, and we can make it work on just about any device (being that it is possible).
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